Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What the world needs more of

Dear Editor,

I think it is a travesty that so few writers blog, and that many of those who do blog only infrequently. This world needs far more whiny, self-indulgent entries simpering that "I just can't focus!" or bragging that "I've been so very productive, I wrote XXXX number of words today." Because every single Net user wants to know just how many words you write every single day, writers.

There are a few beacons of light. Take this guy, for example. Just about every day, he told his rabid readers all about his almost unbearably fascinating writing life. Take this entry, for example:

"I've been trying to transfer over to the other laptop for hours, and there are still problems. I'm going to have to get my dad to install iTunes, OpenOffice, and my printer as those require admin privileges, and this house feels like a furnace. I tried using AbiWord, but it screwed up my OpenOffice files even after I installed a special plugin.

Extremely irritating."

Truyly, truly captivating. How could you not care all about his computer woes? The dullness is simply delicious: why stop at experiencing agonizingly tedious computer errors of your own when you can read all about those of others?

So take heed, writers: get gritty! Tell us all about life's minutiae and indulge your inner whine.

--Bo Dacious


Blogger Feisty said...

LOL LOL. Funny but very true.

3:38 PM  

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